It has been confirmed by all except the man and woman of the hour that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have ended their 15 month relationship. Careless journalism aside, reports are in across social media, accompanied by expectedly full comment boards (and, honestly, this is no Pulitzer of a story). The reigning Princess of Pop and King of Coachella generated endearing headlines while together. Apart, sources say the decision was amicable and there is little more than separation anxiety still looming. Tantamount to celebrity gossip, there is actually very little to capture your interest.

So, hey, with a story so light, maybe those full comment boards will turn up a troll or two? Some smarmy remarks among the sea of condolences to chuckle. Surprise, surprise – I am amused, and a little dumbfounded. The public reaction ranges from slightly sympathetic to overwhelmingly belittling the singer for yet another failure to launch, another song to notch under her belt.

I honestly did not expect to end up with anything more than a picture and a headline while sifting through People and E! articles – and what I found was yet another high profile woman being labeled “manipulative,” another small event in a disturbing trend. In a calendar year where Hillary Clinton, the presidential candidate, is synonymous with “schemer,” Kesha, the rape victim, is both a “saint” and a “liar,” and, most recently, Amber Heard must beg to be heard in an ongoing abuse case, simply because her ex-husband is an ex-A-lister; now Taylor Swift, the woman, cannot endure a break-up without being labeled “a bitch.”

Dam this girl can’t keep a men. Even if she pays him.


Well… here we go again… more music about broken relationship… music about Calvin Harris… Taylor is pathetic


Watch her act all petty about it and not get over it, and write a song, and act like she’s a very strong woman like with the other 15 guys

Women, somehow more so those with some semblance of influence or power, do not seem to be able to make a move or say a word without an accusation of being misleading, of being misinformed, or of being deceivers. Each of the women listed above have had their name dragged through minefields because they voiced a claim or opinion. Not one of the men tied to them has lost esteem, influence or opportunity based on their actions – and certainly not for anything they’ve ever dared to say. Johnny Depp and Dr. Luke will have their careers long after the chatter has muted, and Bill – he is mother fucking Bill Clinton (a title Hillary would be hard pressed to acquire). Harris’s name has remained largely out of the conversation, only mentioned in passing, while the career minded Swift is the trending subject, a career (mind you) most would point to as one of the most prolific of her generation.

I went looking for a laugh, for a troll on a comment board, and, turns out, when it comes to women – that is a majority of the conversation. Everybody is laughing without a punch line. What do you think? Is the initial commentary on the “break up of the year” all-in-good-fun ribbing? Or another sign of how high profile women are still an ongoing punch line?

Excerpts retrieved from Facebook // 2 June 2016. Identities withheld to protect privacy of individual users.


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