Meryl Streep shows how to expertly mock a less (least?) preferred politician. With orange make-up and a wicked shag cut, The Huffington Post provided a glimpse this morning at the actress, giving real Trump a run for his money at the 2016 Public Theater Gala in New York City. The event, in support of Free Shakespeare in the Park, featured Streep and fellow actress Christine Baranski as Hillary Clinton in a rendition of Cole Porter’s “Brush Up Your Shakespeare,” proving that criticism during this election can be both humorous and above the belt.

We have seen a good deal of bullying, name-calling, foul language, crude gestures – a whole slew of behaviors typical of, let’s say, ten-year-olds from both sides of the aisle. Mother’s old adage comes to mind: If you can think of nothing nice to say, put it in writing and add it to your next stump speech.

There is little regard or respect coursing through this election, from either the candidates or the supporters. Fox News pundits are currently seeming level headed in comparison to some of the rhetoric being tossed about the room. Seriously, supporters on all fronts diminish their cause as soon as they open their mouths and utter any number of endearing affectations: “bitch,” “old fuck,” “piece-of-shit orange gorilla.”

Last evening, I believe, in a small way, Meryl Streep & company demonstrated that it is possible to criticize and satirize without the aforementioned “playground rules.”

What are your thoughts on the evening’s antics?

Image retrieved from The Huffington Post // 7 June 2016.


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