Who is it?

Who is the enemy?

I need to know.

North Korea, Putin, El Chapo and his drugs.

Where does hate come from?

Who are the real thugs?

Black lives matter, blue lives matter,

all lives matter, or none at all?

Where am I safe? Who do I trust?

Not the black man begging on the streets,

or the white man shooting in the streets.

I can’t tell anymore: who is bad and who is good?

There are cop killers, and killer cops.

There are the mentally ill made to feel worthless,

and the mentally disturbed proudly entitled to the weapon of their choice.

We are a world now filled with hate.

Misogyny, homophobia, fundamentalism masked as religion.

Yet just another excuse to murder out of ignorance.

Where do I go to feel safe? Who do I trust?

My home is just another plot of land to ambush,

and my neighbor is just another person of interest.

Not my politicians, not my police men and women, not even my priest.

God can’t help me now.

Who has an answer? Not another slogan or hashtag…

Who has an answer?

Who do I trust?

A poem written by guest columnist Vanessa Vega Razo.


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