Welcome to the Topline Press Room. Topline is a blog / outlet exploring news, politics, and current events. My name is Chris Benjamin and I like to talk. And read. And write. Topline is one of two websites I’ve founded to voice some thoughts and opinions, this particular corner dedicated to the political shenanigans and noteworthy events from around the country. Pretty much, this is where I talk, read, and write. 

The Topline Press Room is a hub for publications written by myself and occasionally some equally excitable guests. But, wouldn’t you know it? It’s also a forum. Through social media, comment sections, and the option to submit your own work, Topline creates an ongoing conversation between me and you (you and I? Screw it).

I started Topline in 2016 – and a corresponding film / media blog, Benji Boy, in 2017 – to build a venue around the rants, ideas, and blips that rattle around my head. News, politics, and current events dominate any conversation and tend to bring out the absolutist in anyone. Personally, that’s what makes them all too fun. Diving head first into a story, arguing some hot-headed analysis, grasping for a shred of sense – it all keeps me upright.

The political arena is where Topline lives and breathes. And the press room (some guy you’ve never met with a lap top and a lot to say) is my entry point. While I would hate to simply be shouting into the void, that could very well be the case. With any luck, though, you will consider participating in my little venture.

Whatever craziness, or weirdness, or outright nonsense our influencers and politicians can muster, let Topline be where you feel free to express your own thoughts and opinions. I’ll feel free to disagree with the knuckleheads, as I am sure you will to disagree with me. We may not always be able to change the political landscape to our liking, but sometimes a few words is all it takes to start something – anything.

At the very least, we can enjoy the company of one another and trade a few good barbs while we spiral ever closer toward a black hole. Seriously, look it up.

Weekly posts will begin the discussion. You can shape it.

Like I mentioned, comment, like, share, retweet, yell loudly at your screen, or whatever the kids are doing now.

If you would like to submit your own work to be published on Topline, you can do so via email at toplinepressroom@yahoo.com. I’ll be happy to walk you through the rest of the process from there.

You can also check out my other half at http://www.thebenjiboy.com for film and media analysis from the same guy you’ve never met with a lap top and a lot to say. Or listen to Urbanity, a new podcast where I invite a friend to review movies and round-up other big topics from the past week.




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