To keep Topline organized, I like to work with a filing system. There are four columns any article published to the site can fall under, including: From The Press Room, Playbook, Insight, and Moment. All publications posted to Topline are opinions and editorials, but the subject matter does differ from time to time. To get in on the discussion, here are some brief descriptions of the Topline columns:


Like your typical newspaper (online edition, of course) editorial section, these publications are usually some kind of rant, screed, or overly long eulogy I choose to share with all of you. Personal opinions from a disembodied voice – nothing creepy about that.


This is where we talk strategy. Think upcoming elections, key votes, a PR scandal, etc. If someone in D.C. is making a move, let’s see what the insiders are saying. We can all wear suits and pretend to be in The West Wing. Or not, that’s really up to you.


Now, let’s dig a little deeper. Maybe a new bill is introduced to the Senate floor, or a grassroots movement is making waves in Montana. Our Insight section provides some much needed, well, you know. Don’t make me say it.


When something happens somewhere, we may not be the first to know. This is not CNN, people. But any article found in this column is sure to provide accurate details, reactions, and analysis as a story comes to light and unfurls. Unlike CNN.


We all make mistakes. Even me. I drink. In any case, I pride myself on research, facts, and that what I am putting into the world is reliable. Should a publication fall short of the absolute truth, or I just happen to have a change of heart, I hope you will allow me a second chance.


If you submit an article to Topline, your hard work will be published in one of the four columns you see above. If you do not submit an article to Topline, I’m not sure why you’re still reading. Seriously. This is a waste of time. Stop.